Ultra Highpower T8

Our "wonder-tube" that can solve difficult challenge with good lighting in hallways with pallet racks - can raise the light level on the floor with up to 380 LUX.

Installation height 6- 12 meters. 170 lm/W.


Facts about JensenLED International A/S

LED Product catalog 2019

JensenLED became JensenLED International A/S in 2018

JensenLED is 100% Danish owned with a financially strong owner group and currently operates in Denmark and Germany with its own subsidiary

JensenLED has exclusive patent on the LED tube construction in the EU and USA, Canada

JensenLED complies with all international product patents

JensenLED delivers tested and quality-assured LED solutions

JensenLED supplies LED quality products with high performance and at competitive B2B prices


The JensenLED team is committed, reliable and serious

JensenLED B2B-customers or partners have direct contact with consulting, support and marketing

JensenLED is constantly developing new LED products


Our LED products simply speak for themselves and are some of the best on the market, covered by

our JensenLED EU patent and up to 5 years warranty


JensenLED provides day-to-day delivery on the most common LED products

JensenLED consists of a minimum organization and no expensive intermediaries


JensenLED offers advantageous prices for projects - contact us for project prices

When JensenLED says that we only want satisfied customers, it is simply true

Below you will find the latest online catalog of JensenLED products. All of our LED products are of high quality and high in performance at competitive prices. All of our T8 tubes and T5 tubes are covered by our EU patent and up to 5 years warranty.


You can browse the catalog online or contact us if you want it sent along with the latest price list. We only deal with B2B customers and are always interested in a new partnership with skilled electricians and distributors. Our B2B partners include electricians and distributors in Denmark, electrical wholesalers in Germany and all over Europe. You are welcome to contact us if you wish to become our B2B partner.

In our online catalog you will find JensenLED products such as:

  • Our patented T8 tubes and T5 tubes - also in FlickerFree versions

  • Panels and Slim Panel

  • Highbay with Philips or MEAN WELL Driver

  • Tri Proof

  • Floodlight

  • Downlight

  • Track Light and Track Light accessories

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JensenLED International A/S

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DK-8000 Aarhus C

+45 70 20 13 12

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FACTS about JensenLED EU Patent EP 2 044 362

JensenLED has the exclusive patent for T8 and T5 tubes with the patented construction - contact us if you have any doubts, or if you are offered imitations. Are you selling or buying LED tubes within the EU which is a copy of JensenLED tubes, you’re in trouble in relation to patent law! The JensenLED patent covers the following countries: Czech Republic, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Turkey, Hungary, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Netherlands, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Great Britain, Sweden, Germany and Austria. In addition, the patent also include USA, Canada, Russia, Japan, South Korea and Norway.