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FACTS about JensenLED EU Patent EP 2 044 362

JensenLED has the exclusive patent for T8 and T5 tubes with the patented construction - contact us if you have any doubts, or if you are offered imitations. Are you selling or buying LED tubes within the EU which is a copy of JensenLED tubes, you’re in trouble in relation to patent law! The JensenLED patent covers the following countries: Czech Republic, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Turkey, Hungary, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Netherlands, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Great Britain, Sweden, Germany and Austria. In addition, the patent also include USA, Canada, Russia, Japan, South Korea and Norway. 


Danish design

The best inventions are often the simplest.

In 2006, the Danish electrical engineer, Allan Krogh Jensen, developed the construction that enables the use of present LED technology as a replacement for the traditional fluorescent tube. JensenLED T8 and T5 Tubes 

In 2015, the patent for Allan Krogh Jensen’s construction idea was approved in the EU. Before that, the patent already included the US, Canada, Russia, Japan and South Korea. Of course, all JensenLED tubes are in compliance with international legislation and applicable product patents.

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